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Semi Truck Flips Over On I-5 in Tukwila, WA

TUKWILA, WA – A semi truck flipped over on its side on August 1, after crashing through a guard rail while merging onto the southbound I-5 in Tukwila, WA. The city of Tukwila is located in King County, Washington in the west-central part of the state on the southern end of Lake Washington and about 11 miles southeast of Seattle.

A view from the traffic camera at the I-5 and SR 599 Interchange shows a semi truck on its side after crashing through a guard rail while entering I-5 south. Photo credit: WSDOT

A view from the traffic camera at the I-5 and SR 599 Interchange shows a semi truck on its side after crashing through a guard rail while entering I-5 south. Photo credit: WSDOT

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FedEx Semi Truck Crashes and Burns in Downtown Seattle

SEATTLE, WA – A FedEx Semi truck with double trailers crashed and burned on the I-5 in downtown Seattle on May 29, 2013. Seattle, WA.

A FedEx double trailer semi truck crashed and caught fire on the southbound I-5 in downtown Seattle, WA on May 29, 2013.

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Highway Bridge Damaged in Washington State Truck Accident

PASCO, WA – A highway bridge was damaged in a truck accident Friday night on January 14 in Franklin County, Washington. A semi tractor trailer carrying a large piece of construction machinery crashed into the overpass that crosses Interstate 395 near the city of Pasco, WA. The truck accident area is in the far southeast corner of the state near the border with Oregon, about 78 miles north of Pendleton, OR and about 151 miles east of Lewiston, Idaho.

On Friday 73 year old Donald Albert of Hermiston, WA was driving a semi trailer truck through southeast Washington State, headed south on Interstate 395. At the time of the truck accident Mr. Albert was hauling a large excavator backhoe on the trailer section, a piece of machinery used in building and construction. His destination and the company that owns the truck is not known. ... Read More

Rollover Truck Accident on Washington State Highway Delays Traffic

BURLINGTON, WA – There were major traffic delays Wednesday morning, october 20, when several lanes of a Washington State highway were closed for hours after a semi truck rolled over and blocked the interstate. The single vehicle truck accident occurred in the early morning hours on southbound Interstate 5 in the city of Burlington, in Skagit County, Washington. The accident area is in the far northwest corner of the state, about 66 miles north of the Seattle metro region.

Early Wednesday morning a 35 year old truck driver was in a semi trailer truck, driving south on Interstate 5. The tractor trailer was carrying a load of paper advertising flyers for the Safeway store chain. The unidentified truck driver was taking the cargo, which weighed approximately 42,000 pounds, from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Auburn, WA. The driver’s name and the company he works for has not been released and it is not known if he is a citizen of the United States or Canada. ... Read More

Semi Truck Pulls Down Power Lines in Washington State

PORT TOWNSEND, WA – A semi trailer truck got caught on power lines and tore down two utility poles early Monday morning, September 27, on the Puget Sound Peninsula of Washington State. The truck accident occurred at the intersection of Washington State Route 20 and Cliff Street in the city of Port Townsend, WA and would cut off electricity for almost 2000 business and residential customers. The accident area is in the northwest section of Washington State on the Puget Sound, about 98 miles north of Olympia, WA.

Early Monday morning George Roundtree was driving a semi trailer truck south on State Route 20, also known as Sims Way. The semi cab with a 48 foot trailer is owned by United Food Industries, an international company. Mr. Roundtree had just made a delivery at the Port Townsend Co-op and was leaving the town. The exact cargo of the truck is not known but it is believe to be some type of food product. ... Read More

Tanker Truck Overturns on I-5 Near Kent, WA

KENT, WA – A semi tanker truck crashed and overturned Tuesday night, September 21, on a highway in King County, Washington. The truck accident also involved two tow trucks and occurred near the city of Kent, WA. The collision would shut down southbound Interstate 5 for almost twelve hours, causing major delays in the morning commute. The accident area is in northwest Washington State, between Seattle and Tacoma.

On Tuesday night a semi double tanker truck was traveling through King County, WA on southbound Interstate 5. The truck had the logo for Harris and Beall Corp. and was carrying approximately 10,000 gallons of gasoline in one tank and about 900 gallons of diesel fuel in the other tank. Beall Corporation is a national company that builds custom tanks and trailers. ... Read More

Semi Truck Rolls and Loses Load on Washington State Highway

ISSAQUAH, WA – A semi trailer truck rolled over and lost part of its load Tuesday evening, September 7, on a highway in King County, Washington State. It had been raining and the road surfaces were wet when the truck accident occurred on Interstate 90 near the city of Issaquah. The accident area is in the Seattle-Tacoma metro region in the northwest section of the state, about 182 miles north of Portland, Oregon and about 151 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Firefighters applied sand to the diesel fuel spill in order to keep the gas from entering storm drains.

On Tuesday evening an unidentified 51 year old truck driver was taking a semi trailer truck through King County, Washington. The 18 wheeler was traveling east on Interstate 90, carrying a full load of steel construction grade I-beams on the back of its flat bed trailer. According to officials each steel I-beam weighs between 800 and1500 pounds, the weight determined by the length of the beam. The truck driver was taking the load of steel beams to a construction project at the Swedish Medical Center complex located in nearby Issaquah Highlands. ... Read More

Semi Truck Overturns on Virginia Highway Near Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, VA – A semi trailer truck overturned Saturday, July 24, on a highway in Augusta County, Virginia. The truck accident occurred just north of the Blue Ridge Mountains at the juncture of Interstate 64 and Virginia State Route 340 near the city of Waynesboro. The accident area is in the central west section of the state about 62 miles north of Lynchburg, VA and about 140 miles southwest of Washington, DC.

Police shut down a section of the southbound lanes of State Route 340 as well as the entrance ramp to I-64 while highway crews worked to clear the debris and other material from the interstate

On Saturday morning truck driver Edgar Morales was driving a semi trailer truck south on Interstate 64 in Augusta County, VA. The semi was hauling a full load of building lumber in the trailer of the truck. It is not known where Mr. Morales was headed or the trucking company that owns the tractor trailer. ... Read More

Rollover Truck Accident in Washington State Destroys Three Vehicles

POULSBO, WA – A semi trailer truck and two passenger vehicles were destroyed Friday morning, June 11, in a rollover truck accident in Kitsap County, Washington. The chain reaction collision occurred near the city of Poulsbo on Washington State Route 3, between Big Valley Road and the Hood Canal Bridge. The accident area is in the northwest section of the state across the Puget Sound from Seattle, about 62 miles southeast of Port Angeles, WA and about 75 miles north of Olympia, WA.

At about 10:30 a.m. Friday morning a 70 year old woman from Port Angeles was driving a 2005 Buick Lacrosse south on State Route 3 in Kitsap County, near Poulsbo. As the woman drove in the section of highway south of the Hood Canal Bridge and north of Big Valley Road she suddenly swerved to avoid colliding with another vehicle. According to Washington State Patrol she apparently lost control of her vehicle. The Buick crossed over the center dividing line into the path of northbound traffic and spun around counter clockwise. ... Read More

Beebe Bridge Reopens To Pedestrians After Washington Truck Accident

Beebe Bridge

Beebe Bridge in Chelan Washington

CHELAN, WA – This is a follow up to a previous post: Washington Semi-Tractor Truck Accident – Driver Missing. On Aug 31st, the Beebe Bridge on Hwy 97 in Chelan, Washington was closed due to a severe semi truck accident in which the bridge sustained major damage.

The Associated Press reports that the bridge will be opened to pedestrians walking single file only in groups of no more than a dozen people beginning Tuesday, Sep 8th.

Although pedestrians and bicycles will be allowed to cross the bridge, the Transportation Department states that it can take several weeks before repair crews can restore structural integrity adequately enough to support cars and trucks and to fix the sagging bridge deck.

Two drivers were killed in the semi-truck crash an Aug. 31 when the rig’s tractor toppled into the Columbia river. Boxes of apples were spilled onto the bridge deck and a vertical support girder was severely damaged in the truck accident.

The two people went missing after the accident when the semi truck cab plunged into the Columbia River. Within hours of the accident, dive teams located a woman’s body who was believed to be the driver of the truck. The woman was identified as 48 year old Kathleen Walker of Olympia, Washington.

The trucking company confirmed that there was also a man in the semi truck as a  second driver. The search for the second driver was unsuccessful and it was announced on Sep 1st that the search was to be called off.

The Transportation Department also noted that normally the bridge handles about 5,000 vehicles a day. There will be a detour on Highway 97A through Chelan while the bridge is closed to traffic.

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