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Out of Control Dump Truck With No Brakes Injures Two in North SLC Utah Accident

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. — Officials said that a dump truck driver hauling dirt and rocks lost control of his truck after descending a steep hill apparently due to no brakes, and crashed into a pickup truck and then flipped onto it’s side.

Photo shows dump truck accident in North Salt Lake City, Utah on Feb. 20, 2013. Photo: Brent Bement

Dump truck accident in North Salt Lake City, Utah on Feb. 20, 2013. Photo: Brent Bement

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Tanker Truck Accident Closes Canyon Highway in Utah

VIVIAN PARK, UT – A tanker truck accident Monday morning, december 20, closed a canyon highway in Utah County, Utah. A semi trailer pulling three tanker sections crashed as it traveled west on Provo Canyon Highway, near the turnoff for Sundance. The truck accident happened near the city of Vivian Park, in the central part of the state, about 355 miles north of Page, Arizona and about 88 miles southwest of Evanston, Wyoming.

The region had been hit with winter storms and a mixture of snow and ice covered many of the area’s roads, leading officials to believe weather likely contributed to the truck accident.
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Driver Dies after Truck Accident on Utah Highway

GARDEN CITY, UT – A truck driver died Saturday morning, October 9, after his semi trailer crashed on a highway in Rich County, Utah. The truck accident occurred when the brakes reportedly failed as the tractor trailer was descending Logan Canyon on U.S. Highway 89 near the community of Garden City. The accident area is in the far north section of the state near the border with Wyoming about 55 miles west of Kemmerer, Wyoming.

On Saturday morning 35 year old Andrew J. Benik of Clearfield, UT was driving a semi dump truck with an attached trailer eastbound on U.S. Highway 89 through Rich County, UT. The truck driver had picked up a load of asphalt and was driving to Kemmerer, WY to deliver the cargo. ... Read More

Providence UT Truck Accident Sets Off Fiery Chain Reaction

PROVIDENCE, UT – A driver is facing charges after allegedly causing a fiery truck accident Tuesday evening, September 14, in Cache County, Utah. The multi vehicle collision occurred when the truck driver went through an intersection, then overturned and burst into flames in Providence, UT. The truck accident area is in the far northeast corner of the state, about 83 miles north of Salt Lake City, UT and about 30 miles south of Preston, Idaho.

On Tuesday evening 37 year old Mark Risher of Providence, UT was driving a Kenworth semi trailer truck north on Utah State Route 165, traveling through Cache County in the far north section of the state. The semi truck was carrying a cargo of bananas in the trailer section. ... Read More

Deadly Head-On Truck Accident on Salt Lake City I-215 Kills One, Injures Two

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – One person was killed and another seriously injured in a head-on truck accident Wednesday morning, August 18, on a highway in Salt Lake County, Utah. The deadly collision on Interstate 215 caused the semi trailer to burst into flames and filled the air with smoke which could be seen for miles around Salt Lake City. The truck accident area is in the north-central section of the state about 45 miles north of Provo, UT and about 110 miles south of Preston, Idaho.

The force of the truck accident punctured one of the semi fuel tanks and it burst into flames.

Shortly after 9:30 a.m. Wednesday morning 51 year old truck driver Kulwinder Singh of Livermore, California was driving a semi trailer truck west on Interstate 215 in Salt Lake County, UT. The trailer was reportedly filled with a load of ham. ... Read More

Semi Truck Driver Loses Control Plunges into Utah River

HONEYVILLE, UT – A truck driver drove his semi off the highway Friday morning, July 16, and plunged into the Bear River in Box Elder County, Utah. The truck accident also caused the 18 wheeler to lose part of its cargo and gallons of diesel fuel on Interstate 15 and in the river. The accident area is in the far north central section of the state near the town of Honeyville about 67 miles north of Salt Lake City, UT and about 53 miles south of Preston, Idaho.

The semi crossed over the traffic lanes and plunged over the edge of the interstate into the waters of the Bear River. The impact of the truck accident broke open the trailer attached to the semi cab and some of the cargo of laundry detergent and cleaning products fell out.

At about 5:30 a.m. Friday morning 52 year old James Love of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada was driving a semi trailer truck carrying a cargo of laundry detergent and other cleaning products south on Interstate 15 in Box Elder County, Utah. His passenger, 55 year old Lloyd Laramee of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, rode along in the cab of the semi tractor truck. ... Read More

One Dead After Head-On FedEx Truck Accident in Utah

LAMBS CANYON, UT – One person was killed and two injured Friday night, May 19, 2010, in a head-on collision involving a FedEx semi trailer truck and a passenger car in Utah. The fatal truck accident occurred on Interstate 80 as it passes through Parley’s Canyon near Lambs Canyon, UT, close to the border between Summit and Salt Lake Counties. The area is in the north central section of the state just east of Salt Lake City, about 135 miles east of West Wendover, NV and about 70 miles southeast of Evanston, WY.

Utah Highway Patrol troopers were at the site of the head-on truck accident and closed down a section of the interstate while emergency workers assisted the victims.

At around 6:20 Friday evening a FedEx semi truck with an attached trailer was headed west on Interstate 80. It was raining at the time and the road surfaces were slick.

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Drugs or Driver Fatigue May Be Factor in Utah Truck Accident

ROY, UT – Drugs or driver fatigue may be factors in a truck accident that happened Wednesday, April 14, in Weber County Utah. The semi truck rollover accident occurred on Interstate 15 near the city of Roy, south of the Ogden metropolitan area and 32 miles north of Salt Lake City. The area is in the north central section of the state, 308 miles southeast of Boise, Idaho and 124 miles southwest of Kemmerer, Wyoming.

The twin fuel tanks on the semi trailer separated and at least one of them burst into flames, but there was not a massive explosion. Local fire teams quickly responded to the truck accident scene and extinguished the tanker truck fire.

At approximately 4:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, an unidentified truck driver, 55 years old from South Weber, was traveling north on Interstate 15, pulling two tankers filled with close to 7500 gallons of diesel fuel. The tanker truck was owned by Golden Eagle Petroleum Refinery of Woods Cross, Utah. ... Read More

One Dead in Multi Semi Truck Accident in Utah

CEDAR CITY, UT – One person is dead and another critically injured after a multi truck accident last Wednesday in Iron County, Utah. It was snowing and visibility was poor when the truck accident happened on Interstate 15 near Cedar City, UT. The area is in the southwest corner of the state, 255 miles south of Salt Lake City and 170 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Wal-Mart 18 wheeler slammed into the rear of the Kia Spectra, pushing it under the Moss semi truck. The car was crushed and pinned between the two tractor trailer trucks.

Traffic was already moving slowly on I-15 Wednesday due to the heavy snowfall and an accident that had occurred near mile marker 35, north of Pintura, UT. ... Read More

Utah Semi Truck Accident on I-84 Pregnant Woman Dies

RIVERDALE, UT – A 28 year old pregnant woman from California was killed in a fatal semi truck accident that happened on the exit ramp from the southbound Interstate 15 to the eastbound Interstate 84 in Riverdale about 34 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at about 3:00 pm in the afternoon.

Police investigate the semi truck crash. Phot credit: Matthew Hatfield / Standard-Examiner

Police investigate the semi truck crash on the exit ramp from the I-15 to the I-84 in Riverdale, UT on Nov 10, 2009. Photo credit: Matthew Hatfield / Standard-Examiner

The crash happened when the big rig tractor trailer truck was traveling southbound on the I-15 attempted to make the turn onto the exit ramp to the eastbound I-84 when the truck rolled over onto its side onto the concrete barrier on the I-15 overpass. The driver’s pregnant wife was ejected from the truck’s sleeper and was killed in the accident. The deceased was identified as Martha R. Pichardo, 28 years old from Patterson, California.

Location of the fatal semi truck accident in Riverdale, UT

Location of the fatal semi truck accident in Riverdale, UT

The semi truck driver was reported as uninjured, but was taken to the Ogden Regional Medical Center for evaluation. He was reported appeared to have only very minor injuries, if any. The semi truck was hauling apples which spilled out after the accident, causing the ramp to be closed for several hours. The accident blocked both lanes on the ramp and it was still closed as of 9 pm.

Police say that speed was a factor and that the driver was going too fast to make the curve. The driver reported that he felt the truck jump or lift from the left lane over to the right when he tried to correct, then lost control and flipped over. This fatal accident is just the latest one of a few accidents in the past few years involving semi trucks hauling apples.

Officials from the Utah Dept of Transportation (UDOT) said that they planned to post more signs warning truckers to slow down on the transition ramp after a similar accident in about the same spot occurred just one month short of ten years ago. At that time there were complaints that the curve on the top of the transition ramp was deceptive because it was very sudden and sharp.

The only warning for drivers at that time, was a yellow warning sign with a sharp-turn symbol posted less than 50 yards from the turn. This was inadequate for semi trucks racing up the transition ramp at freeway speeds.

An operations engineer from the UDOT and an experienced truck driver said at that time that drivers who were not familiar with the area could assume they could approach the overpass travel at freeway speeds not realizing until it’s too late that they need to slow down.

Below is a Google street view of the exit ramp from the southbound Interstate 15 to the eastbound Interstate 84. where you can see the concrete barrier on the right. You can click and drag the mouse button to pan around the scene of the accident.

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