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Semi Truck Collides with Freight Train Near Hanford CA Hours After Amtrak Derailment

HANFORD, Calif. — Just hours after an Amtrak derailment that involved a semi truck on Monday afternoon, Oct. 1, a second train accident in the Hanford, Calif area involving a semi truck also took place.

Incredibly, there was a second train crash with a semi truck on the same day on October 1, 2012 in Hanford, CA about 17 miles east of the first semi truck crash with an Amtrak passenger train.

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Norfolk Southern Train Collides with Semi Truck in Mount Wolf Pennsylvania

MOUNT WOLF, PA — A semi truck was struck by a Norfolk Southern train pushing the tractor-trailer about 200 to 250 feet down the tracks.

A tractor trailer was demolished after a crash with a Norfolk Southern train in Mount Wolf, PA on August 27, 2012. Photo credit:

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Semi Truck Stuck on Tracks in Sycamore Georgia Hit by Norfolk Southern Train

SYCAMORE, GA — A video of a semi truck train accident was caught on video tape by a witness in Sycamore Georgia on Saturday morning, June 23. The video shows a Norfolk Southern train ramming a tractor trailer that had bottomed out on the railroad tracks.

A semi truck with a green cab about to be hit by a fast approaching freight train in Sycamore, GA on June 23, 2012 was caught on video by a motorist at the scene.

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Semi Truck Stuck on Tracks in Wasbash IN Struck by Oncoming Train

WABASH, IN – A semi truck stuck on the railroad tracks in Wabash was struck by an oncoming BNSF train on Monday, Aug 15th.

BNSF train crashes into semi truck that was stuck on the tracks in Wabash IN on Monday, August 15, 2011. Photo credit:

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Railroad Conductor Injured When Semi Truck Collides with Train in Maryland

HUNT VALLEY, MD – The conductor of a light rail train was injured Tuesday morning when a trailer truck collided with the train in Baltimore County, Maryland. The truck accident happened in Hunt Valley, near Cockeysville, where the railroad tracks intersect with Gilroy Road. The accident area is in the north part of the Baltimore metro region, 110 miles southwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and 63 miles north of Washington, DC.

The truck driver crossed the tracks directly in the path of a southbound train. The lead car of the train was heavily damaged in the truck accident and was believed to be completely destroyed.

Shortly before 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning a tractor trailer truck owned by Laurel, MD based John W. Ritter Trucking Company was headed north on Gilroy Road in Baltimore County, MD. The truck was driven by 53 year old Mark Szurek who was headed to the McCormick’s Hunt Plant in Hunt Valley, hauling a load of plastic containers. ... Read More

Indiana Train-Truck Accident Kills Father and Son

HUNTINGTON, IN – A father and son were tragically killed Wednesday morning on December 30, 2009 just two days before the New Year. The accident happened when their pick-up truck was struck by a freight train in Huntington, Indiana.

A Norfolk-Southern train slammed into a pick-up truck at its crossing on Hitzfield Street in Huntington, Indiana tragically killing a father and son Weds morning on December 30, 2009

The Norfolk-Southern train slammed into the pick-up truck at its crossing on Hitzfield Street shortly after 11am, instantly killing the father, 44-year old Wally Bowers and his son, 22-year old Nathan Bowers. The crossing does not have lights or swing arms, just two stop signs on both sides of the tracks.

The family of the victims of the train-truck accident spoke out to Indiana’s NewsCenter.

Wally sold scrap metal for a living to help support his family including his special-needs son Nathan. LeBecca Boyer, Wally’s former wife, owns several rental properties, but the economy has taken a toll on her income, leaving no money for Christmas presents.

Now Boyer is left with little money for funeral expenses for men she says would have given the shirts off their backs for anybody.

“I’ll sell my house and all of my belongings if I have to,” said a tearful LeBecca.

Boyer and her family hope new safety measures will be installed at the crossing. Residents tell Indiana’s NewsCenter that something “should be done there” to prevent another tragedy.

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Tennessee Train Hits Semi Truck Crossing Railroad Tracks

LEBANON, TN – The Music City Star commuter train that travels between Nashville and Lebanon, TN,  hit a dump truck crossing the tracks near a construction site in Wilson County Tuesday morning. No one was injured.

Tennessee Music City Star commuter train hits dump truck croosing railroad tracks

Tennessee Music City Star commuter train hits dump truck crossing railroad tracks

The Music City Star is a commuter rail service that runs between Nashville and Lebanon, Tennessee covering 32 miles of rail line. The railroad service uses the existing tracks of the Nashville and Eastern Railroad and currently has six stops: Riverfront Station (western terminus), Donelson, Hermitage, Mt. Juliet, Martha (Tennessee State Route 109 and U.S. Highway 70), and Lebanon (eastern terminus).

The train was on its way to pick up passengers in Lebanon when it struck the semi dump truck on a construction crossing just east of Highway 109, Metropolitan Transit Authority spokeswoman Patricia Harris-Morehead reports.

Approximate location of Music City Star train and truck accident near Lebanon, TN

Approximate location of Music City Star train and truck accident near Lebanon, TN

According to Harris-Morehead there were no passengers on the train at the time, only the train engineer and conductor.  The train hit the truck while the truck was backing across the tracks. The truck driver was not injured.

The train was preparing to make its last run of the morning. Its afternoon schedule was not affected by the crash.

The Tennessee Titans football game is still scheduled for Friday. The Music City Star train is scheduled to run a Game-Day Express to shuttle passengers to and from the Tennessee Titans football game on Friday. This accident will not interrupt any of those plans, officials said.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority took over management of the train last year from the Regional Transportation Authority, which started running between Lebanon and Nashville in 2006.

Harris-Morehead said Tuesday afternoon’s accident was the fifth time the train had collided with a vehicle along the route, which runs from Nashville’s riverfront through Hermitage, Donelson and Mt. Juliet before it ends off Baddour Parkway in Lebanon.

None of those crashes resulted in serious injuries, she said.

In August 2008, the train hit a car stuck in a ditch near Tulip Grove Road in Hermitage. A month later, a teen was treated for bumps and bruises after being hit by the train while driving his truck over the tracks in Lebanon. Police said he tried to cross the tracks despite the flashing warning lights, and that he got out of his truck before the train hit it. contributed to this story.

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Train Crashes Into Semi Truck In North Carolina

MATTHEWS, NC – WBTV news reports that a train heading to Charlotte NC from Atlanta, GA collided with a tractor trailer truck in Matthews, NC Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. Fortunately, no one was injured as a result of the accident.

Matthews, NC truck accident; train collides with tractor traier stuck on train tracks

Matthews, NC truck accident; train collides with tractor traier stuck on train tracks

The Matthews Police Department reports that the trailer got stuck on the tracks on Crestdale Road near East Charles Street. Because the truck driver was able to un-hitch the cab of the truck from the trailer, the train, which consisted of two locomotives and 19 cars, hit the trailer resulting in an accident.

Crestdale Rd. at E. Charles St. was closed, as well as Tank Town Rd. at the E. Charles St. rail crossing. Around 10:30 AM CSX was able to move the train and reopen access to Tank Town Rd. and the Rainbow Ridge community.

Repairs of the affected rail crossing at Crestdale Rd. and clean up of the scene lasted into the afternoon hours.

The driver of the truck was cited for careless and reckless driving; and obstructing a rail road crossing with a commercial motor vehicle, according to the Town of Matthews

State Highway Patrol Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Troopers responded to assist with the investigation and charged the trucking company, Heartland Express, with failure to display triangles on a disabled vehicle and disobeying traffic signs for vehicle restrictions.

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Missouri Train & Truck Accident Ends in Tragedy

Seymour, MO. – A fatal accident occurred when a train hit a pickup truck near Seymour, Missouri  just after 3:30 p.m. on Friday on Highway 60, killing the driver and injuring a passenger. The crash happened just West of Seymour on Greenbriar Drive at Fordham in Webster County about 38 miles from Springfield.

Missouri train and truck accident ends in tragedy. One Dies; children injured.

Missouri train and truck accident ends in tragedy. One Dies; children injured.

Missouri State Highway Patrol says Kristy Willis, 33, was driving 1992 Chevrolet 1500 pick-up truck with three passengers inside.

Kelsey Turner, 8, sat in the front seat. Two other kids, Tiffany Bowden, 15, and her brother Carl, 16, sat in the truck’s bed.

The Highway Patrol says the car and train collided when the pick-up tried to cross the railroad tracks along Highway 60.

Tim Bowden, the father of the two kids who were in the pick-up bed, says Tiffany saw Willis reach across the front seat to help Turner, perhaps with her seat belt.

Bowden says Tiffany and Carl saw the train coming and jumped out of the pick-up bed just in time. They’re doing okay.

But Highway Patrol says, 8 year old Kelsey who was in the front seat, suffered serious injuries and was taken by helicopter to St. John’s Hospital in Springfield.

Troopers also said that Willis, who was driving, died in the crash. Accident reports show neither Willis nor Turner were wearing seat belts.

Bowden says he’s very shaken by what happened.

“It’s a tragedy,” he says. “From what my daughter told me, they pulled up on the tracks and nobody had even seen the train. The train didn’t even blow a whistle, didn’t blow a horn or nothing.”

Bowden says his kids had just gotten off the school bus, and Willis, their neighbor, was giving them a ride home from the bus stop.

Reports show that the train driver Edward Cleeton, 50, was not injured and was driven from the scene.

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