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Semi Truck Crashes Spilling Hazardous Waste on Highway 7 in Atoka Co Oklahoma

ATOKA COUNTY, OK — The media reported that a big rig accident occurred on Wednesday, April 17, when a semi rolled over spilling 22 thousand pounds of hazardous waste along the side of Highway 7 near Wapanuka.

semi- truck -accident-OK

Photo shows semi truck accident along Highway 7 on April 17, in Atoka County, Oklahoma.

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Trucker Killed in Semi Truck Accident on I-35 in Oklahoma City, OK

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – One trucker was killed in a fatal tractor-trailer crash on Friday, January 6, 2012 between two semi trucks on I-35 in Oklahoma City, OK.

Semi Truck accident involving 2 tractor-trailers leaves one trucker dead in a horrific crash on I-35 in Oklahoma City, OK on January 6, 2012. Photo credit: KFOR-TV

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Tractor Trailer Driver May Face Charges in Oklahoma City Truck Accident

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – A semi driver may face charges after he crashed his 18 wheeler Tuesday morning in a truck accident in Lincoln County, Oklahoma. The rollover crash occurred on Turner Turnpike in the northeast Oklahoma City metro region and left a section of the highway covered with a potentially hazardous material. The truck accident area is in the central part of the state, about 239 miles north of Dallas, Texas and about 175 miles west of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

On Tuesday morning an unidentified truck driver was driving east on Turner Turnpike, also known as Interstate 44. The driver is employed by Brooks Grease Service based in Tulsa, OK. At the time of the truck accident the driver was transporting a cargo of cooking grease from Oklahoma City to Tulsa. ... Read More

Woman Dead After Fatal Oklahoma Truck Accident

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – A woman is dead after a truck accident Wednesday morning involving several other vehicles in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. The fatal multi vehicle accident happened on Interstate 35 near Shull Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The truck accident area is in the central section of the state, 205 miles north of Dallas, Texas and 161 miles south of Wichita, Kansas.

Troopers with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol had to shut down sections of the interstate in the area surrounding the truck accident while crews worked to remove the accident wreckage from the roadway.

At around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning 22 year old Kenneth Ghurmley II of Van, TX was driving a International semi trailer truck loaded with flour, traveling north on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma City, OK. The 18 wheeler is reportedly owned by Whitetail Nurseries, based in Garland, TX. ... Read More

Tulsa OK Semi Truck Accident Due To Driver Speeding

TULSA, OK — A semi truck crash occurred Wednesday morning in West Tulsa, Oklahoma near the I-44 and I-244 intersection shutting down a portion of the highway for about an hour. The cause of the truck accident was due to the truck driver speeding and not the weather, says the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Tulsa Oklahoma semi truck rollover due to driver speeding

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said the driver of the semi was going too fast around a curve near the intersection of the two interstate highways. Because he was speeding, the driver then lost control of the big rig, causing the truck to slide onto the snow, hitting a guardrail, rolling on its side, which then caused the big rig to leak diesel fuel onto the highway. ... Read More

Tulsa OK Semi Truck Accident Kills Two – Video

Tulsa, OK – A fiery semi truck crash occurred Sunday morning at about 7:00 am on Hwy 44 near Tulsa that claimed the life of the semi truck driver and passenger.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports that Mary Dye, 51, of Sapulpa, Oklahoma was driving eastbound on I-44 with the victim’s semi in front of her, when she tried to pass the truck just before the 33rd W. Avenue bridge, losing control of her car and hitting the outer guardrail. Dye’s car bounced off the guardrail, hitting the semi.

Semi truck explodes into flames after car veers off guard rail hitting the18 wheel truck

Semi truck explodes into flames after car veers off guard rail hitting the18 wheeler truck

The impact caused the semi to veer just enough left to hit the metal guardrail and concrete bridge wall. Its fuel tanks ruptured as it overturned and fell onto 33rd West Avenue.

Gornwiga Nation, who lives near I-44 and 33rd W. Avenue in west Tulsa, was able to catch the fiery accident on tape.

Watch video below:

“You can see from the video my hand was shaking,” said Nation.

Her sister, Palpy Hudson, heard it all happen.

“We heard a loud brake noise that we hear all the time on the highway,” said Hudson. “It was kind of like that but it was followed by the big noise, boom.”

“We were hoping to help somebody, but the fire, it was just scary,” said Hudson. “It was like the most scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Just minutes earlier, a car lost control on I-44 eastbound, hit the guardrail, then hit the semi truck causing the truck driver to lose control.

“The semi went to the far left, striking the guardrail, then the bridge wall and continuing down in between the two bridges onto 33rd W. Avenue,” said Martin Stewart with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

That’s when the semi went up in flames. Both the driver and the passenger of the semi died at the scene.

The driver of the vehicle that hit the semi made it out okay, but her car caught fire too.

“Holy smoke it’s about the worse one I’ve ever seen,” said bystander Pat Bedard. “I’m just glad nobody was under there, you know.”

Two people inside the semi have been confirmed dead. Dye was transported to a local hospital, but released.  She was able to escape despite her vehicle catching fire as well.

No one else was injured by the explosion or flying debris.

The west bound side of Interstate 44 was reopened at 11am after being closed for more than three hours. The other side was opened a short time later, and was closed for more than four hours.

All four lanes of I-44 between I-244 and US-75 are shut down until further notice. ODOT officials say the westbound lanes should open up soon, but the scene will not be cleared until later this afternoon.

Marla Carter of KJRH contributed to this story.

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