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Illinois Megabus Accident Kills at Least 1, Injures 38 Passengers traveling to Kansas City Missouri

LITCHFIELD, Ill. — The media reported that a Megabus traveling from Chicago, Illinois on Thursday, August 3, on its way to Kansas City, Missouri slammed into a bridge support pillar on the southbound I-55 in Illinois. The impact of the accident was so strong that it tossed a 16-year old passenger Baysha Collins from the upper-level seat where she was resting to a stairway leading to the lower level.

A blown tire causes a Megabus filled with passengers to crash into a bridge support on August 3, 2012 while traveling southbound on I-55 in Litchfield, IL. The crash killed at least one passenger and seriously injured several others, including the bus driver. Photo credit: ABC News/St Louis

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Semi Truck Accident Kills 3 Illinois Teenagers

KENDALL COUNTY, IL. — A deadly crash occurred on Monday afternoon, June 4, involving a teenage driver and his two passengers who were killed after colliding with an 18-wheeler truck.

A semi truck flipped over on Illinois Route 126 after a deadly crash that killed 3 teens in unincorporated Kendall County, IL on June 4, 2012.

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Fiery Semi Truck Accident in Brownstown IL Burns Driver Beyond Recognition

BROWNSTOWN, IL – A Springfield man was burned beyond recognition in a fiery semi truck accident on Interstate 70 in Brownstown, IL on Saturday, March 17, 2012. The deceased was identified as Hasib Karahodzic, 51 years old, from Springfield, IL who was driving a semi truck at the time.

Brownstown exit at mile marker 68 on the westbound I-70 in Brownstown, IL where a big rig driver was burned beyond recognition in a fiery semi truck accident on March 17, 2012.

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Man Killed in DUI Crash with Beer Truck and CTA Bus in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL – A worker who was unloading a beer truck was killed last month when a Blue Island man suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) caused a chain-reaction accident that fatally pinned the worker against a CTA bus.

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Two Killed Four Injured After Bus Hits Semi Truck on Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL – A tour bus hit a semi truck causing a six vehicle chain-reaction crash on the Dan Ryan Expressway. At least one car, a minivan, a bus and two semi trucks were involved. Two people were killed and four others were injured, officials reported.

A wrecked minivan wedged up against the back of a semi trailer in a fatal semi truck accident involving a tour bus on the southbound Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago, IL on February 23, 2012.

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Illinois Semi Truck Driver Crashes Into Building Then Shoots Himself After Police Stand Off

EDWARDSVILLE, IL – A troubled semi truck driver crashed his tractor trailer into the side of the trucking company building where he worked as a driver in Edwardsville, IL, then shot himself in the head after a long standoff with police on Sunday, January 29, 2012.

On January 28, 2012 a trucker crashed his semi truck into the loading dock at the trucking company where he worked in Edwardsville, IL then caused a 10 hour standoff with police before shooting himself in the head.

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Semi Trailer Plunges Off Overpass in Fiery Semi Truck Accident Near Peoria, IL

CREVE COEUR, IL – A semi truck jackknifed and tumbled off the top of a freeway overpass on I-474 in Creve Coeur, IL only a few miles from Peoria onto motorists on Route 29 below in a horrific accident on Friday, December 16, 2011.

Fiery semi truck accident in Creve Coeur, IL on I-474 at Route 29 where a big rig trailer plunged over the edge of the overpass onto traffic below. Photo credit: Josh Bradshaw / Times staff

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Two Semi Trucks Crash Just East of Peoria, IL on I-74

GOODFIELD, IL – Two semi trucks collided with each other in Goodfield, IL on Thursday, October 13, 2011 spilling 20 tons of food all over the roadway.

Two semi trucks crash on October 13, 2011 near Peoria, IL on I-74 about 5 miles west of Goodfield spilling 40,000 lbs of pastries and cakes and shutting down part of the Interstate for hours.

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Chicago Shooting Spurs Bus Crash Injures 11

CHICAGO IL —  An incident occurred on Tuesday morning, March 29, at around 9:30 a.m. when gunmen opened fire near 75th Street and Vincennes Avenue in Englewood and a fleeing car smashed into a CTA bus, injuring 11 – two seriously.

Chicago police told reporters that shots were fired at a black Dodge Intrepid on the city’s South Side, causing the car to hit the westbound No. 75 Chicago Transit Authority bus, which then hit a light pole. ... Read More

Two Killed in Multi Vehicle Truck Accident in Shawneetown Illinois

SHAWNEETOWN, IL – Two women were killed Wednesday, January 26, in a multi vehicle truck accident on a highway in Gallatin County, Illinois. The deadly crash involved two semi trucks and a passenger car and occurred on Illinois State Route 13 near the city of Shawneetown. The truck accident area is in the far southeast corner of the state near the border with Indiana, about 76 miles north of Paducah, Kentucky and about 47 miles southwest of Evansville, Indiana.

On Wednesday morning 34 year old James N. Thomas of Enfield, IL was driving a 2002 Peterbilt semi trailer truck through Gallatin County in southeast Illinois. He is employed by Thomas Farms, also based in rural Enfield. The truck accident occurred at around 8:00 a.m. as the truck driver was headed east on IL State Route 13. ... Read More

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