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Fiery Connecticut Semi Truck Accident Caused by Motorist on Crack

NORWALK, CT – A woman on crack caused a horrendous semi truck accident on I-95 in Norwalk, CT where an 18 wheeler rolled over and burst into flames on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. The accident caused injuries, a massive traffic jam and long delays for motorists.

Demolished and burnt wreckage of a semi truck that rolled over and burst into flames under the Fairfield Ave overpass in Norwalk, CT on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman

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Tractor Trailer Overturns in Guilford, CT Semi Truck Accident

GUILFORD, CT – A semi truck flipped over on an exit ramp of I-95 in Guilford, CT on Tuesday, January 10, 2012.

18 wheeler laying on its side after it overturned on exit ramp 57 off I-95 in Guilford, CT on Tuesday, January 10, 2012.

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Truck Accident in New Haven Connecticut Stalls Traffic

NEW HAVEN, CT – Traffic stalled on a major interstate after a Sunday morning truck accident on January 2 in New Haven County, Connecticut. The semi trailer truck was carrying a cargo of bananas when it overturned on Interstate 95 in the city of New Haven, CT. The truck accident area is in the far south part of the state near Long Island Sound, about 64 miles south of Springfield, Massachusetts and about 79 miles northeast of New York, New York.

On Sunday morning, 34 year old truck driver Marcel Landry of New Brunswick, Canada was driving a semi trailer north on Interstate 95. The trailer section of the truck was filled with a cargo of fresh bananas at the time of the truck accident. The 18 wheeler truck bore the logo of Chiquita, an international fresh produce company with corporate headquarters based in Cincinnati, Ohio. ... Read More

Truck Driver for Carrie Underwood Killed in CT Accident on I-95

NORTH STONINGTON, CT – A semi truck driver hauling equipment for a Carrie Underwood concert was killed when his truck went off the northbound side of Interstate 95 near the Taugwonk overpass in Stonington, Connecticut at about 8:00 am Saturday, March 20, 2010.

The tractor trailer tumbled down the embankment onto Taugwonk Road. The driver, a man reported to be in his late 40s, was from Oklahoma. State police said the driver of the truck was burned so badly that his identity would have to be confirmed by dental records.

The crash occurred when the big rig, traveling northbound on I-95, veered off the shoulder, then scraped along the guard rail for about 400 feet. The guard rail ripped open the 18 wheeler’s fuel tank spilling diesel fuel onto the drivers side of the tractor trailer. The diesel fuel ignitied and engulfed the semi truck in flames then careened into a bridge abutment at the overpass. ... Read More

Westport CT Semi-Truck Accident Fatality

Photo: Westport Fire Dept.

Photo: Westport Fire Dept.

One person has died as a result of a collision with semi-truck on I-95 in Westport, Connecticut about 1:15am, Sep 2nd. The driver of a passenger car, a Chrysler Cirrus, was traveling northbound near Exit 17 when it struck the rear of a stopped semi-truck carrying a load of stone slabs.

Update: Sep 7, 2009:  The truck driver was identified as 30-year-old Annera Reyes from West New York, New Jersey. The driver was reported as unharmed in the acident. Officials stated that at the time of the accident, both drivers were alone in their respective vehicles.

The Westport Fire Department stated that the car struck the rear end of the tractor trailer, then went into the guardrail on the right side of the highway. Westport Fire Department Asst. Chief William Dingee stated that the vehicle sustained heavy damage to the front end and drivers side and that the driver was trapped inside. Emergency personnel discovered signs of severe trauma with no signs of life after the truck accident.

The deceased person has been identified as 21-year old Kendall Turek whom State police say was apparently speeding just before the collision. They are currently investigating what led to the crash.

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