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Fatal San Francisco Semi Truck Accident On Bay Bridge – Video

San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge – The CHP and fire investigators are on Yerba Buena Island examining the remains of a fatal big rig accident which started 200 feet above their heads when the truck driver literally drove off the S-curve on the Bay Bridge at 3:30 AM.

San Francisco big rig truck accident on bay bridge driver plummets 200 feet to his death

San Francisco big rig truck accident on bay bridge;  driver plummets 200 feet to his death

The CHP is still not revealing the name of the driver who died on Yerba Buena Island after his truck came off the Bay Bridge, flew 200 feet then crashed. He was a man from Hayward, CA.

The truck was disintegrated. It was a produce truck from a trucking company out of San Ramon, hauling pears. The driver was traveling westbound on the Bay Bridge in the right lanes.

Eyewitnesses say he drove along at 50 mph, then came to the S-curve where you’re supposed to slow down to 40 mph. He didn’t do that. According to the CHP, he tried to adjust at the last minute, his load shifted and he went off the edge, came all the way down and crashed on Yerba Buena Island.

Sargeant Trent Cross of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that there are Caltrans engineers at the site who are looking at the Bay Bridge to make sure it is structurally safe and also that it is important that the CHP conduct a thorough investigation because there was a loss of life and there was some significant damage as far as the vehicle dropping 200 feet.

The CHP also says that there is nothing wrong with the design of the bridge – even with that S-curve – that zig-zag in the bridge and that there have been about 40 fender benders since it went in on Labor Day. The CHP says that obviously, when you have over a quarter million vehicles per day going over this bridge and you only have 40 fender benders, then there is nothing wrong with the bridge that a little slowing down wouldn’t help. According to the CHP when this driver had his load shift, it was too much and it came over the edge.

There was some concern earlier that there might be someone else in the truck, but it was later determined that there was no one else in the truck. There was 150 gallons of diesel fuel. According to the driver logs that were in his cab, the driver had just filled up. He had a full tank of gas, so there was some concern of what that’s going to do environmentally. The San Francisco Fire Department put down some absorbant material to try to soak up some of that.

Location of San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Semi Truck accident

Location of San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge Semi Truck accident

So the story is that the driver is dead after driving his semi off the Bay Bridge at the S-curve, crashing on Yerba Buena Island.

This is just the latest accident at the S-curve. Last month a big rig hauling groceries flipped over while taking the S-curve too fast. Nobody was injured in the October 14 crash that time but the truck’s load spilled across the upper decks and closed the bridge trapping drivers for some nine hours. The spilled groceries had to be hauled off by hand until the big rig could be uprighted and cleared. The CHP says the driver didn’t realize the configuration had changed and was going too fast to make the curve. The speed limit is 40 mph but a lot of drivers enter that curve going too fast.

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