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Fatal Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Near Augusta GA – Video

EDGEFIELD, SC – On Monday, Oct  26, 2009 at about 7:00 am, a man driving a small pickup truck was killed when a piece of heavy equipment fell off the flatbed of a tractor trailer truck onto the pickup truck after the semi truck ran into a train trestle in Edgefield, SC. The semi truck accident occurred on a stretch of Augusta Road (Highway 25) about 25 miles from Augusta, GA.  Investigators believe that this fatal accident could have been avoided because the semi truck was driving on a stretch of road that is not intended for trucks.

Train Trestle in Edgefield SC Where the Semi Truck Accident Happened

Semi Truck Accident Location: Train Trestle on Augusta Road in Edgefield SC

The semi truck accident occurred because the trestle has a 13 foot clearance but the load that the semi truck was carrying was 14 feet. That is what caused the heavy load to fall off the flatbed trailer. Trucks are supposed to take a bypass route when they enter Edgefield on Hwy 25. The bypass is clearly marked with a sign that says “Thru Trucks Prohibited.”

Map of semi truck accident and truck bypass route

Map of semi truck accident and truck bypass route

The deceased pickup truck driver has been identified by Deputy Coroner David Burnett as Jeremy Jay, 27 years old, from Edgefield. Burnett said that massive head trauma was the cause of death.

The semi truck driver was charged with failing to obey warning signs and for the height of the load. The heavy equipment was being hauled to Greenwood, SC.  The driver was from Houston, Texas.

The NBC station in Augusta, GA has provided a video where a residents in the area near the trestle tell a reporter that similar truck accidents are common and occur for the same reason. A neighbor points out that just a few months ago a truck hit the trestle and flipped over onto its side. Fortunately, in that accident, no one was hurt. Truck drivers are either unaware of the bypass route or rely too heavily on GPS systems instead of paying attention to the many signs on the road.

Below is a Google Street View of the scene of the accident. You can see a clear view of the Augusta Highway and the trestle where the accident occurred. You can click your mouse button and drag it around to get a feel of the lay of the land.

View Larger Map

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